Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pigging Out With Jesus

I saw a poster at the mall that I just loved. It was set up like the last supper but sitting at the table was the cast of the sopranos, the cast of the godfather, al pacino (from scar face) and robert deniro. This poster, which is incredible, was sold at one of those stores where television, film and music stars (Brad Pitt, Bob Marley, Eminem, Tupac) are faux painted onto canvas and sold for $80. It is an incredible store. In fact, about as incredible as the motivational posters with silhouetted hikers and a sunset text reading: Achievement. Those are good too. But I digress (hey speaking of digressing, this is my second blog tonight, the last being so theory driven and somewhat unfun that I had to do this one as well). So, back to the the mob.
What social function does the mob serve? When casts of characters from different films and television shows miraculously detach themselves from their proper narratives and coalesce around Christ's table, what does the moment achieve for us? Well, what can I guess? First of all, would it be wrong to call this poster the last supper of modern masculinity? Although the television show The Sopranos pretends to position Tony Soprano as a guy that is coming to terms with his emotional shortcomings and on-going misogyny, the show derives its satisfaction from his inability to overcome it. That though he tries and tries, his inner man forces him to violence, aggression and women hating. I must admit enjoying the show so don't think I'm out to ruin Tony Soprano, but I can feel that dudes when they finish watching an episode feel more affirmed in their right to tell their "nagging girlfriends" to shut up. They probably feel better about slamming doors more or even wearing masculine-friendly necklaces. It's hard to resist the temptation. It is so glamorous (in a weird Jersey way).
And then, there they are, at the last supper. All of them eating like real men. Food hanging out of their mouths, bellies big under the table, well dressed and respected but still men. men being men with christ.. ribs, rings, pot bellies,guns and jesus... who wouldn't want that poster? but $80? hmm how about $30?
-March 13, 2006

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