Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boring Story #5

Cauleen was exhausted. She squeezed her pillow and rested her head into it. Pushing through the din of her Ipod should could hear a voice, " Mr. Entewata, please report to the courtesy phone at gate 7. Mr. Entewata." Cauleen pushed her deeper into the pillow. She sure was cozy. She loved being cozy. She thought about how Mike and her had laid on the bed and watched Dirty Dancing. She had been about as happy as she could ever be. They had made out earlier in the evening and now the good part had come where they just rocked back and forth and spooned. Mike was a good guy. She could probably see herself getting married to him. He seemed ready. His father was a pediatrician and he was studying politics. He had nice friends and he probably wouldn't go bald. And he had felt so nice when they just laid on that bed. All warm. She reached up and tightened the scrunchy in her hair so it pulled her hair back and then, again, pushed her head into her pillow. Below her pillow she could see her feet in her pink slippers. The slippers poked out from beneath her flannel pajama bottoms. And on top she wore her favorite Banana Republic navy blue sweatshirt. It covered her body like a wool blanket. A wool blanket with sleeves. Perfection. She rocked back and forth in her seat and sucked on the straw of her diet coke. She loved diet coke. It was the perfect drink. Carbonated, icey, and like coke, but diet. It was just a bit less than coke but still pleasurable. She wiggled her toes. Her circulation was terrible. The air conditioning in the airport was certainly no help but even at home, her feet were so cold. She had two pairs of socks on and still, she was forced to wiggle. "Mr. Entewata, please report to the courtesy phone at gate 7"

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